Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Reporting in with the best report we have gotten in two and a half years!  But first, Judy and I have to admit that we both went into this appointment with a little trepidation about what we would find out from the CT Scan that was run last Friday.  Even though the growth in the tumors has been slow (about 20% growth since the original diagnosis), we both feared more substantial growth this time.  When the Dr. sat down in the examining room, he said, "Your bloodwork looks good...the scan didn't show any growth at all since the last scan.  As a matter of fact, the tumors just seem to be dormant."

We feel like our faith had wavered a little and God needed to let us know that He was still in control.  He is way too good to us, but we are so grateful.  We hear from so many of you that you pray for us daily, and we lean heavily on those prayers.  Keep up the good work and we may just lick this thing yet.

Ronnie and Judy

P.S.  From Judy....... Ditto what Ronnie said.  We stand amazed in the present of God and still have no idea why this is happening but, it doesn't matter.  He is trustworthy.

You, our support system, have never allowed us to walk this walk alone.  You have encouraged us when we were running low on "gas". Thank you is not enough but, we really do depend on you.  That is a tough thing to say, when you are a 4H girl, list maker, calender person ( I have THREE!) and born an "over the top organizer".

Today, Ronnie and I played in a  golf tournament with some great  friends that I went to  junior high and high school with. We laughed all day (at least the girls did, the boys were a little more serious). But the point was, we played!  Last fall, before I started my new medicine, I wasn't laughing as much. Others in our group have, to me, much worse  problems than Ronnie and I.  BUT, we laughed like there was no tomorrow. We were just loving the moment.

Thanks to God, you, good doctors and new drugs, I know we will have many more days like this.  And I hope you do too. We can never repay you for what you have done for us!


  1. Praising God at this news! Love and hugs from the Ingrams!

  2. Praise God. And we are still praying.

  3. Praising Him for His tender mercies! Our God is so Big, Strong, Loving and Faithful to us. I was blessed this last Saturday morning to have so much fun catching up, talking small stuff and stuffing the goody bags for Harlingen and our faces with the yummy breakfast. Love you two bunches and bunches!

  4. PTL!!! Am singing His Praises! "Our God is so Good, so Strong and so Mighty, there's nothing our God cannot do!" We love y'all!
    Christine and Robbie.

  5. It was wonderful to open your blog tonight and read your miraculous report! We are thrilled and so very thankful to hear such amazing news. You are continuing to embrace life and praising God with the beauty of every day. What a testimony!
    We love you both.
    Marilyn and Bob