Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Reporting in with the best report we have gotten in two and a half years!  But first, Judy and I have to admit that we both went into this appointment with a little trepidation about what we would find out from the CT Scan that was run last Friday.  Even though the growth in the tumors has been slow (about 20% growth since the original diagnosis), we both feared more substantial growth this time.  When the Dr. sat down in the examining room, he said, "Your bloodwork looks good...the scan didn't show any growth at all since the last scan.  As a matter of fact, the tumors just seem to be dormant."

We feel like our faith had wavered a little and God needed to let us know that He was still in control.  He is way too good to us, but we are so grateful.  We hear from so many of you that you pray for us daily, and we lean heavily on those prayers.  Keep up the good work and we may just lick this thing yet.

Ronnie and Judy

P.S.  From Judy....... Ditto what Ronnie said.  We stand amazed in the present of God and still have no idea why this is happening but, it doesn't matter.  He is trustworthy.

You, our support system, have never allowed us to walk this walk alone.  You have encouraged us when we were running low on "gas". Thank you is not enough but, we really do depend on you.  That is a tough thing to say, when you are a 4H girl, list maker, calender person ( I have THREE!) and born an "over the top organizer".

Today, Ronnie and I played in a  golf tournament with some great  friends that I went to  junior high and high school with. We laughed all day (at least the girls did, the boys were a little more serious). But the point was, we played!  Last fall, before I started my new medicine, I wasn't laughing as much. Others in our group have, to me, much worse  problems than Ronnie and I.  BUT, we laughed like there was no tomorrow. We were just loving the moment.

Thanks to God, you, good doctors and new drugs, I know we will have many more days like this.  And I hope you do too. We can never repay you for what you have done for us!

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Judy has been taking Efinitor for 30 days now.  Its purpose is to reduce the symptoms she has been dealing with on a more frequent basis.  Good news...her nausea and abdominal pain has decreased significantly and she has more energy than before.  Guess what...she has also gained four pounds since her last doctor's visit a month ago.  First time for that turnaround!

Also, please pray that we get approved for financial assistance from a company, reducing the cost of the new drug from about $650. per month to maybe $50.  We are pretty pumped up right now and we certainly give God the credit and praise.  We are so very blessed.

Judy and Ronnie

Friday, May 3, 2013

Medicare Approves

Well, Medicare approved the new drug.  Thank you Lord and all of you who prayed.
They Will pay 65% of the first month's cost and then 95% each month through the ind of the year.  Dr. McCollum feels the drug (Efinitor) will really help curb Judy's symptoms.  The side effects should be minimum.

You just can't keep a good girl down!

Monday, April 29, 2013


Thought I would just add that you can be sure that Judy still has a lot of fight left in her.  I don't think cancer has come up against someone like her before.


Dr. McCollum called today about 5:30.  He said the scan didn't show anything unusual.  There didn't seem to be any blockage or appreciable growth in the tumors or the mass in the lower abdomen.  He feels that our best option would be to start the new drug, everoline; the one that has not been approved by Medicare.  He wants us to take the prescription to the Baylor Hospital pharmacy, hoping they will be able to fill it.  It worked with one of his other patients.

We see the doctor this Friday and our prayer is that Medicare will approve the payment for the drug.  If they do, it could help with the symptoms that have been bothering Judy too often.

We continue to be awed by God's use of Judy's illness to touch many lives that probably would not otherwise be influenced.  We have a wonderful peace that is beyond our understanding.  We are truly blessed.  And may God bless all of you,

Judy and Ronnie

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Well, we thought we were going to hear the results of Judy's scan today.  The doctor ordered the results to be sent to him before he left work today, because he was leaving town tonight, to return to the office on Monday.  So, it looks like we won't hear anything before Monday.

We will just practice patience for the next few days.  Guess God thinks we could use the discipline.  Please pray for our good friend, Dean Patterson and his dad, Jack, who is dying.

God is so good.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Our next appointment with our Oncologist was scheduled for May 3.  However, Judy's symptoms have been coming more frequently, with more severe pain.  So, Judy called the Dr on Friday and asked if we could move up the CT Scan in hopes of seeing what is going on.  His nurse told us it would be impossible to get in before May 3rd.  Judy said, "Well, if God wants it, it will happen...please try."

The nurse called back in 30 minutes and said an appointment opened up for Wednesday, April 24th.  Whadda ya think about that?  Isn't God so good?

So, here's what we request for all you wonderful prayer warriors.  Pray that these symptoms are something that can be managed with the new med we talked about that Medicare hasn't approved yet for payment.  We should be submitting a proscription next week, praying they will approve.

There is also the possibility that the problem could be another blockage that may have to be addressed with the surgeon.  Sorry to put all this on you. but where else could we turn for the power of prayer.

We love you all,

Judy and Ronnie